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Learn how to open chakras with the breath
Friday, 9 July 2010
Want to know how to open chakras?
Developing psychic powers is something anybody can do. The chakras could be opened should you know how.To accomplish this all you really need is patience and to do the physical exercise every day.

The information of how to open chakras is historical and nowadays it is not secret information.
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On how to open chakras and develop psychic powers

Should you do not know anything about chakras this might be confusing but I assume you have some information or find it. The 3rd eye chakra may be the sixth in order through the base chakra. To get this physical exercise correct it's important to know where the 3rd eye chakra is situated and this really is about 1-2 inches through the forehead between the eyebrows. The senses of the higher self are centered within the sixth chakra with intuition and psychic powers as main functions.

Breathing may be the crucial to unlock chakras and this basic yet extremely effective physical exercise will do that.

To open the door towards the psychic realm this is really effective.

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1. This is alternate nostril breathing and begin by pressing your correct nostril shut and inhale deep and slow through your left nostril.

2. Imagine that this breath goes to the sixth chakra in in between the eyebrows.

3. In the exhalation close the left nostril. Breath out gradually and deep.

4. Now visualize the breath as coming through the sixth chakra and flowing through the nose.

5. Now when inhaling keep the left nostril shut and breathe via your right nostril. On the next exhalation switch nostrils. Envision the breath coming and heading towards the third eye chakra all the time.

This method is an ancient yoga practice. Beware that even it's very simple it could be effective and it must not be overdone. Twelve full rounds a day is really a maximum recommendation for beginners.

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Want to know how to open chakras?

Posted by hypnotizer36 at 4:29 AM EDT

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