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The Art of Covert Hypnosis
Wednesday, 7 July 2010
Real Covert Hypnosis
It takes a lot of time learning how to hypnotize. But it is not really difficult to learn, it just takes a lot of hours to find out how to do things in the right order and with the right timing. So actually anyone can learn to hypnotize there is absolutely nothing magical about it and this is a scary thought because hypnosis can be and is used for selfish purposes.

Real Covert Hypnosis

You probably won't believe it but it is truly possible to have someone without no prior knowledge about hypnosis and within a couple of weeks have them master how to instantly hypnotize someone. It takes full time study and some guidance of course but this is not rocket science. You don't even have to know how to read. But you do have to be able to speak.

The main types of hypnosis are covert and conscious hypnosis. To distinguish between them is a good start when building a knowledge on what hypnosis is.

In the conscious hypnosis trance will be created by regular suggestion techniques. The person to be hypnotized is taken through a series of more and more relaxing suggestions and also must focus on something like internal imagery. Once in the trance state the suggestions are given for instance to have perfect control over weight and feeling wonderful and these suggestions go straight to the conscious. The person is willing and knows about what will happen.

Normal hypnosis is powerful but covert hypnosis is even much more powerful. Why? Well covert hypnosis would be to make a person go into trance without their understanding of it happening. Through rapport and conversation this really is achieved and the subject may be provided ideas under trance. As the hypnotized isn't conscious of what is taking place there is much less opposition compared to when in conscious hypnosis. Anything at all that is suggested will cause the subject to imagine it and do it.

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Posted by hypnotizer36 at 11:59 AM EDT
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